Nidhi Company – ROC Annual Compliance

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  • Appointment of Auditor in Form- ADT-1
  • Filling of Annual Return in Form- MGT-7
  • Professional Fees
  • Half yearly compliance in Form NDH-3
  • Statutory Compliance in Form NDH-1
  • Filling of Financial Statements in Form- AOC-4

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    Company which has been incorporated as Nidhi Company with the object of Cultivating the habit of thrift and savings amongst its members, is required to file return of its Statutory Compliance in Form NDH-1 with Registrar within 90 days from the end of first financial year of its incorporation. Nidhi Company is also required to file half yearly compliance in Form NDH-3 within 30 days from the conclusion of each half year.



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    As a part of Annual Filing, Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 or Companies Act 2013, are required to file the following eForms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC):

    • Form AOC-4: For filing financial statement and other documents
    • Form MGT-7: Form for filing Annual Return by Companies having share capital
    • Form NDH-1: Statutory Compliance
    • Form NDH-3: half yearly compliance

    Every company should ensure the following within 1 year.

    • Minimum members must not be less than 200.
    • Minimum net owned fund should be at least Rs.10,00,000.
    • The ratio between net owned funds and deposits must not be more than 1:20.
    • No body corporate or trust must be admitted to it as its member.
    • A minor should be a part of it.