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    Now a days, every person in the world deals directly or indirectly with the “TRADEMARK” on daily basis. The end users of any product are influenced by Trademark as it differentiate one product from another product. Trademark can be obtained for word, design, mark, numerals, device, slogan or more in India. Trademark is an intangible asset and through which Goodwill, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty can be built up in the minds of Consumers. For example, Nike, McDonalds, Adidas, Thumps up etc. The registered trademark protects your brand from being used by other competitors in your industry.



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    A person who claims to be the proprietor of the trade mark in relation to goods and /or services may apply for the registration of a Trade Mark. For the purpose of making an application of Trademarks, “Person” includes:

    • a Natural Person,
    • a Body Incorporate,
    • a Partnership Firm,
    • HUF,
    • Association of Persons (in case of collective Trademarks),
    • Joint Proprietor A Trust,
    • a Society, or
    • a Government Authority/Undertaking

    Yes, when two or more persons who use a trademark independently or propose so to use it, as joint proprietors, they may apply for registration of a trade mark as joint proprietors. The circumstances under which two or more persons may apply for registration of a trade mark are set out in Section 24 (2) of the Act.

    Trademark can apply at any time but Trade Mark being applied for registration may be:

    • Already in use
    • Proposed to be used or intended to be used
    • Intended to be assigned to a company that is about to be formed and registered under Companies Act 2013 with a view to use thereof in relation to those goods and services by the company

    Stage – 1 – Trademark Application

    • Process Period – 3 to 5 Days

    Stage – 2 – Examination Report Issued by department

    • Process Period – 10 months around
    • Possibilities in Examination Report
      • Not any objection raised by department
      • Objection raised by department
    • In case of second possibility, reply of objection require to be file and apply for hearing at Trademark department.
    • After justification, registrar will remove objection and application will be accepted.
    • Process Period – 6 months around

    Stage – 3 – Logo or Word mark will be published in journal.

    • Process Period – 3 months

    Stage – 4 – If no oppose by anyone against our application than Certificate of Registration will be issued.

      • Process period – 3 Months around
      • *If opposed by anyone than it is depend on case to case base.
      • Total Process Period 18 months to 24 months.
      • Validity of Trademark for 10 Years thereafter require to renew.

    Require for Trademark Application:

    • Name of Firm
    • Name of Applicant
    • Details of Business activity
    • Address of Business Place
    • Soft copy of Logo /Word mark
    • Since when logo is in use
    • Application no of Trademark if any TM application made earlier

    Goods and Services are classified under how many Classes Under Trademark Rules, 2017

    Under Trademark Rules,2017 Goods and Services are classified into 45 different Classes.


    Trademarks are classified into 2 parts, first being for products and second for service oriented industries.