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    There are so many reasons behind a name change such as re-branding, changing the business line and bringing the name of the company in line with its core business, Merger and Acquisitions, You don’t just want a name, you want BRAND name, to precisely reflect the object of the Company through its name, or there is any error in the name and like wises. Promoters of the Company can change the name of the Company at any time after its incorporation. Shareholders approval is required along with approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, to change the name of a company. All assets and liabilities of the entity would continue, while only the name of the company would have been changed. The change of name of a company or LLP has no impact on the legal entity or its existence.



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    The following e-forms need to be filed:

    • The existing company needs to file e-Form INC-1 for name approval.
    • After the name is approved, MGT-14 (necessary resolution for alteration of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (MOA and AOA) needs to be filed.
    • E-Form INC-24 (Application for approval of Central Government for change of name) needs to be filed to give effect to change in name.

    Normally 1 to 2 Weeks time taken for changing name.


    Yes, you will get the new incorporation certificate after changing the name but the Company number will remains the same i.e. CIN (Corporate Identification Number)